Top 10 Disney ‘Easter Eggs’


Easter Eggs are some of the best hidden gems within movies, shows, games and books. The reason for their popularity is they require a deeper knowledge of the brand and the franchise. In video games an Easter Egg may provide a hidden, secret glimpse back to a previous title. The key here is that it is hidden. Normally only the biggest fans find the Easter Eggs, which makes me so incredibly thankful that there are some extreme Disney fanatics…because Disney has their own Easter Eggs in movies, too!

The Huffington Post recently published an article that highlights the Top 10 Disney Easter Eggs found in their movies. You’d never know these were there, but they are. And they’re all tasteful. You can read the full article HERE! They also highlight four Frozen Easter Eggs HERE!

My personal favorite: Buzz Lightyear snuck his way into Finding Nemo. What’s your favorite Easter Egg?


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