Disney Princesses Gets Funny (and Impressive) Makeovers

Artists are exactly what they are because they’re artistic. The creativity it takes to craft something out of a blank canvas is incredible. But sometimes the best art comes from a canvas that’s already created. In these two articles, your favorite Disney Princesses get a little makeover…and by little I mean creatively a lot.

First is the ‘Star Wars Makeover‘. cnet.com has an article on what it would look like if all of the Disney Princesses received a Star Wars makeover. It’s quite genius, if you ask me. Artist Ralph Sevelius created the images that blend features from Star Wars with the traditional look of the princesses. Here’s just one of them:


And second is the ‘Disney Princesses with Beards.’ Haha, this one will just make you laugh. Can you imagine Ariel singing her heart out with a flawy ginger beard draping her face? Ah the sweet smell of seaweed inside a matted fiery red beard. Well in case you can’t imagine it, just a take look:


These are two funny and remarkably creative takes on everyone’s favorite Disney characters. Make sure to click the links to see the rest. Which one is your favorite?


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  1. Look gents., leave well enough alone; quit feeding the gossip pool. isn’t it enough that Disney’s artist work hard to produce a loveable piece of art work, only to be picked apart, made fun of by other people? and you just have to put it up on a screen. Find another job some where else and leave Disney alone.

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