‘Frozen’ Cools Off Box Office ‘Fire’


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire held a tight grip on the box office for its first two weeks, even breaking some records. But once Disney’s newest animated musical gained some momentum after its strong opening the throne came back to Disney. Frozen carried on last week with a strong $31.6M, which are high numbers for a Disney musical on a holiday weekend. Frozen sports the highest ten-day revenue total for any non-Pixar Disney cartoon.

Frozen received incredible reviews from nearly every critic with the primary message declaring how pleasantly surprised moviegoers were at the film. Perhaps the trailer and hype for the movie did not cast the brightest light on the film, but once people saw it they were quickly won over.

Now let’s see if Saving Mr. Banks can retain the top movie belt for Disney this week…

Have you seen Frozen? What were your thoughts?


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  1. Awesome ! Brilliant ! My daughter and I saw it last Friday in 3D and we went to see it again this Tuesday. The 3D effects were superb, the music was as always captivating and my daughter hasnt stopped singing “Let It Go”. I would recommend this film to everyone. P.S. I’m 66yrs old and my daughter is 17yrs old !

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