Disney Purchases Rights to ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise!


Add another incredible franchise from your childhood lore to the catalogue of Disney films. Over the weekend Disney purchased the distribution rights to the Indiana Jones franchise from Paramount Pictures. LucasFilm had a hand in creating the original films with Paramount leading the way for the most recent installment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It’s not yet known if this means another Indy film will grace the theaters, but if they’re going to do so they need to get on it. Harrison Ford, the only actor to ever play Indiana Jones, is 71 years old now. While he may still have all of the zeal, wit and spunk the character is known for, Disney may find themselves getting creative IF they decide to continue the franchise (MTV.com recently said Jennifer Lawrence could fill the role…silly MTV). Steven Spielberg, the director of all four films, stated to the Daily News about Ford’s role in the films in 2011, “If there’s an ‘Indy’ Five, I’m not sure when or if there will be, but if there is an ‘Indy Five,’ Harrison has to be the age that he is when we make the picture…He’s going to have to play that age, and we’ll write that into the script.”

I say ‘if’ solely because nothing has been officially announced, but why else would you buy the rights? What it does show is that Disney is racking up some of the most famous film franchises to their name. And if you ask me…those are good hands to keep some incredible films going.

Maybe/hopefully between this and Star Wars Disney will be using Harrison Ford a lot in the coming years…



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