Marvel Chief Addresses ‘Ant-Man’ Rumors


Marvel chief Kevin Feige recently addressed rumors regarding the upcoming Marvel film, Ant-Man, that have circled the internet lately to Huffington Post. In his response to the rumors, he neither denied the primary ones, nor confirmed. But everyone wants to know who will play the title role for the movie. The main name tagged to the character so far? Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

After stating, “Nothing is true yet,” Feige continued to shine some light on the rumors of Gordon-Levitt in the lead (Paul Rudd also rumored for the role), “Sometimes it’s because we are legitimately talking, sometimes it’s just because he’s a prominent actor out there now. And lots of rumors surround prominent actors.” Gordon-Levitt himself also remarked that he couldn’t give an answer to the rumors, but that he would be the first to announce if it happens.

I personally think it would be an incredible casting decision. Gordon-Levitt has the acting chops, the look and has played many prominent roles in mega-blockbuster films before. The THP article also discusses Vin Deisel rumors for Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s worth a read.

Who do you want to see play ‘Ant-Man’? The film will release July 2015 as the first part of Marvel’s Phase 2 Collection.


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