Top 10 Heartwarming Disney Scenes


I love stumbling across a Disney article that highlights the different stories we all love to watch and remember so well. In an article at Mirror, a British entertainment post, the top 10 most heartwarming Disney scenes from their rich film history. It’s an incredible read, but what makes it worth your while are the clips from the films and scenes that are embedded in the feature.

Here are my two favorites from their list:

-When Jack Sparrow first appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean.
When Buzz Lightyear actually, somehow, proves his ability to fly in Toy Story.

You can see the article in full and watch the clips HERE.

What is your favorite Disney scene?


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  1. I used to watch on halloween a disney movie called The Scream Team when i was little and i cant find it anywhere. Why didnt disney channel make it onto dvd or cassette? That movie was amazing and i want to watch it again!!!

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