‘Jack Skellington’ Inside Look to ‘Infinity’ Creation

It was nearly twenty years ago that Disney changed Christmas forever with The Nightmare Before Christmas. The primary character that everyone remembers from the film is the infamous Jack Skellington. In a recent article with WIRED Magazine, though, an examination of the difficulties and dynamics in bringing the twenty-year old character to life for Disney Infinity reveals the complexities involved. Jack’s movements were difficult to replicate while allowing to have the glossy feel of the other characters.

GameStop is currently the only place to buy Jack Skellington’s figure, but on October 29th he’ll be available everywhere. Here’s a look at the concept art for Jack Skellington, as well as a fan picture of the actual toy figure (pictured with ‘Woody’ from Toy Story):




You can read the full article here: WIRED Magazine.

Who is your favorite Disney Infinity character?



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