‘TIME’ Offer Rare Glimpse Into Life of Walt Disney


TIME Magazine recently published articles highlighting the pioneer and father of everything Disney, Walt Disney himself. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the visionary tycoon, these two articles provide a glimpse rarely seen into the life of Mr. Disney.

The first piece reveals ten things about Walt you may have never heard before. They range from his involvement in World War II and the ensuing “Red Scare” to his mysterious and possibly cryptic last words. It’s a great insight that goes decades back in finding some interesting elements to Disney’s life. The article also grants the fan a little more depth into his character, motives, and backstory while examining the more obscure years of his life. You can see it here: TIME.com

The other article provides some pictures into the unforeseen years of Disney’s life. While questioning whether or not Disney was a hipster of his time, the pictures are some black-and-white gems that give a glimpse not only of Disney’s fashion, but also into the time period in which he grew up. It’s part of a greater excerpt looking at older celebrities in their time; for Disney it’s a picture from the 40’s on a beach in Brazil. You can visit the piece here: LIFE.time.comThe primary picture from the article is featured above.

It’s a cool glimpse into the widely unknown story of Walt Disney.


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