Bruckheimer Ends Deal With Disney – ‘Pirates’ Next to Go?


Last week Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney officially announced the end of an incredible era. A string of astoundingly popular movies came through the vein of Bruckheimer, including the National Treasure films, The Lone Ranger (even though it flopped in the box office), and, most notably, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. And the latter is what caused the most concern when the news first came out.

Bruckheimer has decided to decline the option to renew his partnership with Disney films. While this means that no new ventures from Jerry will grace the Disney stage, the most important news is that it does not mean the end of The Pirates of the Caribbean! The fifth installment of the franchise was recently pulled back in its production schedule to revamp the script. When Bruckheimer just a few weeks later announced the end of the partnership, flags immediately raised towards the end of Pirates. Disney, though, will continue working with Bruckheimer on completing the third National Treasure film, as well as the fifth Pirates movie.

While continuing those two films is great news, it still marks a bittersweet moment as Bruckheimer’s partnership with Disney packed a formidable one-two punch of movie-making genius. If more comes out about this story, we’ll let you know. And check back for everything regarding the National Treasure and Pirates films.

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