Unauthorized ‘Escape From Tomorrow’ Releases Trailer


This might be one of the strangest stories (and trailers) we’ve highlighted. Recently, a film group and its Director, Randy Moore, took cameras inside the Disney theme parks to film a movie that displays the world of Disney through a terribly different lens. This film, Escape From Tomorrow, while shot in the actual parks, uses hallucinatory and dark tricks to create a sinister sheen to everything that is Disney. When the characters enter the theme ark they begin to experience horrible, horrific type things.

The film is scheduled for a fall release….somehow. Filming this movie went against every piece of agreement made by a visitor in ticket agreement, but they produced and finished this strange film; it was even entered in Sundance 2013. I’m sort of at a loss for words in how to describe not only the film, but this entire situation. I guess the best word to encompass everything is just: bizarre.

Here’s a look at the trailer:



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  1. I feel like this puts a bad name out there for Disney.They shouldn’t make a dark side to the park that kids love.

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