Disney Delays ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’


Pirates of the Caribbean is by far one of the biggest Disney films in their repertoire. With a fifth installment on the way, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Talesit seems like it will only continue to grow. That growth, though, just got slowed down a little bit.

What was supposed to occur in 2015, the release of the next Pirates movie will now happen sometime in 2016. Reportedly this is due to script issues, which, in my opinion, is probably a good thing. The most recent partnership of Disney, Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp, The Lone Ranger, tanked at the box office, cost Disney hundreds of millions of dollars, and didn’t receive the best reviews. This film, though, will see Depp back in his most famous and perfected role of the Cap’n, Jack Sparrow.

The most recent Pirates movie, On Stranger Tides, grossed over $1 billion worldwide, so I’m sure Disney is eagerly awaiting the next one, patient as they may be.

Are you excited another Pirates of the Caribbean movie?


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