Copying is the Highest Form of Flattery for ‘Planes’?


This Friday Disney’s newest film, Planes, opens in theaters everywhere. Hype for the film is stretching beyond the normal avenues of advertising and flying through the skies, thanks to a promotion with American Airlines, and apparently the success of Disney/Pixar’s transportational magic is catching the eyes of other companies.

Paramount Pictures is beginning their attempt to ride the coattails of Disney’s Cars and Planes movies with their own adaptation: Monster Trucks. ……………………………..Haha, sorry. Lost my breath for a second after laughing too hard at that. Seriously? Monster Trucks is what you choose? Sweet mercy, Paramount. Even if you’re pulling in big animation names to direct the film, monster trucks, shmonster trucks. Not too hot on this idea.

However, it points to the fame and popularity the genre Disney/Pixar is rocking. Planes is the next installment, opening Friday, August 9, 2013. Go check it out!



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