‘Iron Man 3’ Owns the Box Office


Last weekend Iron Man 3 made it’s U.S. debut to record numbers! While it already garnered huge numbers in its worldwide release, the film opened to the second-highest opening weekend ever! This is huge news for Disney, Marvel, and the entire comic book franchise. If you recall, about ten years ago the ‘comic book-to-movie’ wave began, but not all of the franchises found success that carried through the years. That’s not the case, though, with Iron Man.

Led by the perfectly casted Robert Downey Jr., this film takes a fun twist on one of the most iconic stories in the Iron Man universe. That’s all I’ll say. It can be a bit ‘Hollywood’ at parts, but you have to go see Iron Man 3! As of today the film’s grossed over $660M so far, and over $1B internationally. And the best part…The Marvel movies for this summer aren’t even done, with the sequel to Thor set to release in just a few weeks!


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