‘Oh My Disney’, Gasped Everyone


Constantly trying to expand and grow, Disney is launching a new blog called, ‘Oh My Disney’ that will take classic Disney stories and adapt them for a digital audience. It sounds like a pretty cool endeavor as Disney continue to evolve with new technology. The blog will offer more opportunities for Disney fans to interact and stay connected with not only the new Disney content, but some of the best trademark stories that define the brand.

Disney Interactive said that readers can expect to see many opportunities for participation and even some ‘blog-specific’ videos. Emily Brandon, a social engagement specialist with The Walt Disney Company, recently said, ‘We constantly monitor their response and fine-tune our strategy to give them more of what they love in unexpected ways. This approach has proven to deliver high audience participation.’

Hopefully this blog will be yet another way to get entrenched in the growing world of Disney. Make sure to keeping checking back here for your blog on the Disney world, as well as the Disney Interactive blogs at disney.blogs.com. And then we’ll all view the new blog and say, ‘Oh My Disney…this is awesome!’


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