Disney May Remake ‘Pete’s Dragon’


Many of the Disney classics have seen a remake in recent years from the live-action ones to the animated. And now another one may be in the queue for a makeover, Pete’s Dragon.

The film fits the mold perfectly of the 1970’s Disney movies that blended live-action, animation, and a little bit of music. Just looking at the picture dates the film so well. But what it also does is allow for an easy crossover into a modern film. They could take it towards the live-action script but utilize the better technology to make the ol’ dragon jump off the screen.

Pete’s Dragon was released in 1977 and had a star-studded cast, featuring Mickey Rooney. According to Deadline, David Lowery had joined the team to co-write a script for the film. Outside of that, not much else is known…or even if this will come to fruition. It’s a cool proposition, though.


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