Rumors of an ‘Oz’ Sequel


On the heels of the wildly successful opening weekend, Disney is reportedly already in talks to develop a sequel to Oz: The Great and Powerful. Disney has given the green light to writer Mitchell Kapner to create the next installment of the cherished story.

Rumor has it that where the first film was essentially set the stage for the original The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the second film would remake the timeless classic. Since the book is now in public domain, he will have free reign to tinker with the story however he would like, but this is exciting news to see how Disney captures the momentum of the success found in Oz.

If the sequel is based off of the original, would you change anything?


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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s not based off of the original. correct me if I’m wrong, but i thought this was more of a prequel, explaining why the wizard talks behind that thing like that. just my thought

  2. I think the house may not land on her I hope not. I ope the final battle with that witch is epic and not boring

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