‘Disney Infinity’ Pricing Details Released


Disney Infinity is the newest wave of Disney gaming to reach the world. The style of game will resemble what is seen through ‘Skylanders,’ with players melding action figures and the actual video game. It’s an incredible technology that allows gamers  new dynamic to the experience.

The first step in playing Disney Infinity is purchasing a starter pack. These packs will start at $74.99 The starter pack will include the video game, three Play set, and three action figures to get the gaming experience started. Additional Play Sets will run $34.99, with one set per each character in the game. The game will launch with 20 characters. Lastly, gamers can receive additional in-game features with a Power Disc Bundle that will sell for $4.99 a piece.

Disney Infinity is set to launch on all major platforms. As we find more out about the date, we’ll let you know.

Is it worth the cash?


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