‘Disney Infinity’ Set to Challenge ‘Skylanders’

Big news for all you Disney gaming fans. Disney recently unveiled a new facet to their gaming world with Disney Infinity, the new game that will release on all platforms and feature the same game physics/mechanics as Toy Story 3: The Video Game.

Disney Infinity will offer both campaign and ‘Toy-box maker’ modes, fully allowing the gamer to join in the world of their favorite Disney toys. But that’s not the only way they can join in on the toy figure fun. And this is the biggest news of the game.


Along with the launch of Disney Infinity, Disney will release 30+ toy figure that partner with the game, similar to what is seen with the ‘Skylanders’ franchise. The gamer would be the toy, plug the toy up to it’s base, and unlock different aspect and features for the character. The ‘Skylanders’ franchise has been wildly successful, so now Disney is joining in on the fun.

I think this is an incredible wrinkle to the Disney gaming world. Being able to play as the famed Disney characters is one thing, but collecting the toy for an interactive element of the game just takes it over the top.


To know more, IGN has a review of Disney Infinity you can view here.

Disney Inifinity is slated to release on all major platforms. Check back for more news as it is announced.


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