Disney to Cancel ‘TRON: Uprising’


According to reports, there’s some sad news on the Disney front. The hyper-popular TRON: Uprising on Disney XD is being…cancelled. After a widely watched first season, the second installment will not come to fruition.

The show will continue to run through January, as this season will finish out. This news is surprising, though, due to the fact that Disney released the TRON:Uprising Soundtrack just THREE DAYS AGO! Crazy…(You can find the soundtrack generally wherever music is sold.)

One of the artists for the show may have summed it up best, “We’re gonna look back at this show & think, we really had something there.”

What do you think of this news?


0 thoughts on “Disney to Cancel ‘TRON: Uprising’

  1. Tron is one of the greatest cartoons to date right up there with samurai jack they do there will be a lot of disappointed fans when people start watching

  2. I swear this better be a joke or just a rumor. This is the only actually interesting show on Disney right now. All the others are either jokes or super little kiddish shows.

  3. Hey Disney Execs, you are making a real big mistake here. You don’t realize I bought them outright on Itunes, so I could hand you money outright so there would be incentive to keep going. I am willing to actually pay to watch this level of storytelling and art in the Tron “universe”. I know a lot of fans feel that way. If you had made toys I’d bought those also for the same reason. I waited since 1982 and now you make me wait again. How many customers will do that ?

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