‘Boy Meets World’ Sequel Gets a New Name…And Gender

Not only is DIsney bringing back one of their most beloved sitcoms ever, but they’re bringing back as much of the original crew as possible, too. It’s been officially announced that Ben Savage (Corey) and Danielle Fishel (Topanaga) will be joining the revamped series they were so famously known for: Boy Meets World. Oh, but wait…the second installment of the show won’t carry the same now, because now it’s been titled Girl Meets World!

That’s right, the show will take place more than a decade after the first series ended with Corey and Topanaga tying the knot. Since we last saw them they had a daughter, Riley…and this is where the new show will take off. From the perspective of 13-year old Riley, the new show will follow her world and escapades as it previously did her father, Corey. Rumors also are stating that Corey may fall into a ‘Mr. Finney’ type of role.

This series is surely to be highly anticipated, but not many details are out quite yet. Some of the previous characters, such as Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), will not be returning, though. Casting for Riley has already begun, but no word on any leads. We’ll bring you more as it unfolds!


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  1. I dont know why it is highly anticipated… Boy meets World was good, but do we really need to have a show about a 13 yr old girl?

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