Golden Disney Christmas Tree For Sale in Japan

Have you decked your halls with bells of holly yet? Not gonna lie…I’m not even sure if I got that little Christmas diddy right. But one thing’s for sure, if I want to decorate my Christmas with Disney memorabilia, this item would be at the top of the untouchable list. That’s because this golden Disney Christmas tree is selling for over $4.2 Million! You kidding me?!?

This golden tree is a product of the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in downtown Tokyo. It is made of real gold with 50 Disney characters, golden chains and a tri-circle Mickey head tree topper adorning its decorations. The 8-foot tree weighs around 88 pounds! One of the coolest parts is that the jewelry store actually consulted Disney in making the tree, even though it took multiple jewelers some 2 months to create it.

It’s truly one glorious and shining masterpiece of yuletide art. And it will never be seen in my house.

What’s the most expensive Disney item you own?


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  1. My daughter just received from a friend a large wooden carved rocking horse. It is supposed to be from Toy Story. Do you know of such a figure that was used in Toy Story?

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