‘Star Wars – Episode 7’ Finds Its Writer

And now for the first installment of Star Wars news that we’ll have the privilege of covering. Speculation is everywhere over details for the announced Episode 7 of Star Wars. While not much is currently know about the upcoming film, even where the story will go, Disney and Lucasfilm have reportedly hired the writer for the new movie. And he’s a familiar one to the Disney world…Michael Arndt, the writer of Toy Story 3! He also is currently working on a future Phineas and Ferb film.

The ability to craft deep and complex issues into a universe full of limitless characters so well that even children can grasp them should bode well for Arndt. The next generation of Star Wars fans will cling to this upcoming film as their first real introduction to the franchise. It’s a great hire, in our opinion, but perhaps the bigger questions is who will direct them movie?

So what about you…do you like the hire? Are you excited for Episode 7 of Star Wars?


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  1. Is this a joke? The next writer of Star Wars is going to be the guy that did Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3? Where is is depth in religion? Philosophy? Mythology? Science? Don’t do this to me Lucas, I’m the last guy fighting for you

  2. Dont do this Disney…I had high hopes but now I can see Disney doesnt care about the loyal fans all they care about is the $$$…Lucas how could you ever let this happen to your dream…

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