‘Boy Meets World’ Could Make a Comeback to Disney Channel

Oh please, please, please…let this one be true. Rumors are swirling that Disney Channel may be trying to bring back one of the most beloved cast of characters from the 90’s sitcom wave: Boy Meets World. If you’re like me, this was a staple to the weekly TV rhythm. The show follows main character Corey Matthews and his best friend, brother, and romantic interest, Topanga, on their journeys through school and life. It started in 6th grade and ended with the marriage of Corey and Topanga. And it. was. awesome.

Disney is reportedly seeking to bring back the original cast members Ben Savage (Corey) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga) for the sequel series. One of the rumors has Corey pegged as the new Mr. Feeny, which would be a poetic twist from the original series. The show has continued its strong run through syndication and DVD sales over the years.

Obviously this is still in the rumor mill, but what a great one it would be for the Disney Channel.

Were you a Boy Meets World fan?


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