Disney XD Cancels One Show But Continues Another

The sad news first. Disney XD will not bring Pair of Kings back for a fourth season. The show follows the story of two twin brothers that become the heirs to an island. This is a bit surprising, as Pair of Kings was one of the more popular series on the channel, yet for some reason they won’t bring it back. Should they have canceled the show?

And now for the better news. While canceling one show, Disney XD is renewing another: Kickin’ It, the show that follows the adventures of martial arts students outside their studio. Adam Bonnett, Senior VP of Original Programming for Disney Channels stated his excitement about the upcoming season:

Disney XD viewers have clearly connected with this series about friendship and martial arts. We look forward to telling more stories in Season Three, where our characters use their martial arts knowledge and skills out in the world, taking their ‘mojo’ out of the dojo!

Season 3 of Kickin’ It will begin production at the start of 2013. The show airs Monday nights on Disney XD. Are you excited for the next season?


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