Disney Rumored To Be Purchasing Hasbro

While the talks are still just that…talks…there is heavy speculation that Disney could be in line for its second major business purchase of the past week. After the huge Lucasfilm acquisition, MTV is reporting that Disney is now discussing a purchase of Hasbro, the largest toy company in the world.

This would be another ridiculous addition to the Disney family, and increase the library of characters exponentially. Why? Because Hasbro owns a few titles maybe you’ve heard of:

G.I. Joe
My Little Pony
and literally hundreds of others.

This could mean more crossover products between brands. Hopefully it won’t be anything like this:

But seriously, if this deal goes through it will be one of the largest acquisitions of products and rights in Disney history. It’s incredible how much falls under the Disney umbrella. Marvel, ABC, ESPN, Lucasfilm, Pixar…it never ends!


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  1. Just wish they would start making some of their toys in the USA. They have such quality parks I am sure the toy quality would be better.

  2. hasbro made a lot of toys that i still have to this day. maybe some of the toys that i have will make a comeback. charmkins and keypers and popples and fluppy dogs

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