‘Frankenweenie’ E-Book Gives an Exclusive Look

Want to see Frankenweenie before the movie premieres next week? Well, tough luck…you’ll have to wait until October 5th to see the movie. But…you can see some behind-the-scenes features with a new e-book Disney released titled Frankenweenie: An Electrifying Book. The book shows off some photos, music and video from the film that you won’t find anywhere else prior to the debut.

The book, which is available  on the iPad  and can be found in the App Store, focuses on bringing Frankenweenie from sketches to the screen, as Lyle Underkoffler, vice president of digital media at Disney Publishing Worldwide, stated:

“Using iBooks Author, Disney Publishing was able to include more digital content than ever before—including previews of animated storyboards documenting the transition from sketch to screen.”

Intrigued? Well the e-book will break your bank a bit…because it’s FREE! So head to the App Store and get your ‘copy’ today!


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  1. Why can you not make more G rated movies? I like to take my young nieces, nephews, and grandchildren to the movies, but it is hard when most of them are PG. I am talking about children ages 3-10

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