‘Peter and the Starcatchers’ Gets Its Prized Director

Ever heard of The Hunger Games? You know, that movie that stole the box office to the tune of $685M worldwide? I mean, it’s no Avengers, but Gary Ross and Jennifer Lawrence did a great job adapting the book to the big screen. And now Disney is asking Ross to do it with one of their films, Peter and the Starcatchers!

Gary Ross will come on as Director to the film after turning down the sequel to his most previous Games work. The film, in essence a prequel to the classic Peter Pan (the fantasy novel by J.M. Barrie), is currently getting a rewrite, but Ross is hoping to begin the project at the start of the new year.

This marks a big catch for Disney, as they are aimed to be in close competition for top fairy tale movie honors in the near future with Sony, who has their own Peter Pan inspired film coming to the screens in Neverland. Already a massive Broadway hit, adding Ross to the helm will only strengthen the prospects of this future Disney project.

Looking forward to it? They gotta get Dustin Hoffman in there. Or some Bangerang…or Smee! What about Smee!?!


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