‘Thor 2’ Gets a Name and a Villain

We’ve highlighted the success of the Marvel/Disney tag team at the box office. And one of the next installments to the superhero movies will be the sequel to the huge 2011 hit Thor. Before recently there was a lot of speculation as to who the villain, and it’s actor, would be, but there also wasn’t much known about the story or the title. Well…we’ve got a little light into some of this now.

The sequel will be called Thor: The Dark World. The reason for the name plays into the choice of villain Thor will handle this time: Malekith the Accursed. We’ve mentioned the Thor foe before, but the rumors of who would play the ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim finally found some truth when it was announced Christopher Eccleston (pictured below next to his character Malekith) would step into the role. Now if you’re one of those who just got utterly confused by some of the names mentioned, here’s a quick vernacular breakdown. Malekith is a bad mama jama who, in the comics, allied himself with Loki and wound up gaining the Casket of Ancient Winters, an obviously cold object of power, but this time from a different realm: Niflheim. The Dark Elves he leads are from Svartalfheim, which is one of the 9 realms we hear about in Thor. Svartalfheim could also be the reason for the ‘Dark World’ title.

Needless to say, Thor will once again be saving the universe by killing some ice-loving bad guys. But this time the main adversary won’t be his brother. More on that later…


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