Disney Kicked ‘Santa’ Out Of Park

On a recent vacation from his home in the North Pole Atlanta, GA, Thomas Tolbert (pictured above, courtesy Fox 5 ATL) decided to enter the magical place where dreams come true. For Thomas, though, he bears a striking resemblance to a certain yuletide someone with a white flowing beard that everyone loves to see. This little caveat in Tolbert’s appearance, though, did not go over so well with Disney officials. Disney theme parks have a rule that you’re not allowed to be clad in costume, and to the Disney park employees, Mr. Tolbert had become a bit of distraction with all of the kids running up to take pictures with him. After all, who wouldn’t want to see ‘Santa’ on vacation?!?

The interesting part is that Tolbert wasn’t even dressed in Santa attire. While yes, he may dress up as the cozy Saint Nick every holiday (and of this I’m not even sure), he was wearing nothing that resembled Santa Claus on this, his last, day in the park. But to Disney officials he was too ‘Santa-ish’, and rather than pose for pictures, he should have been turning the kids away. Sorry…but this is ridiculous. Santa, real or not, clamored in red or not, should never turn a child away. Oh Disney…you messed up on this one.

Disney ended up granting Mr. Tolbert free passes for a return visit, even though he wonders if the same problem will just occur next time, too. So I have a solution…bring the sleigh and have the reindeer pounce on whomever gets in his way! Oh I crack myself up…but isn’t that way Disney World should make us do, laugh an have a good time? After all, it’s the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’!

What would you have done?


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