Free Early Screenings of ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’!

Disney’s doing some cool things to hype their new movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green, like this sock-drive. But there may not be a better method for amping up your film than showing it early! Yep, Disney will host free advance screenings of The Odd Life of Timothy Green starting next week until the film’s nationwide debut, August 15, 2012.

While the screenings are free, they’re not guaranteed and they’re very limited. For information on where and how to get in on this exclusive sneak peek, visit the movie’s Facebook Page, then click the ‘SEE‘ tab. Happy hunting to find these free early-release movie times!

And here’s the trailer for the film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, starring Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton.


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  1. Our Boy Scout regional office was issued a limited number of free screening tickets, to make available to their membership. We were “lucky” enough to respond in time. We had our 14 troop members and 4 adult chaperones arrive an hour early – only to be told that we, and at least (based on two informal ‘headcounts’) a hundred other would-be viewers, were ‘too late.’ The Disney studio rep on site called to ask the Studio if they would pay to rent a second theatre to allow a second showing (AMC management on site was willing to adjust their scheduled line up; cost to Disney would have been $2,500). Disney declined, leaving their poor contracted representative and the theatre staff to deal with a large group of folks, disappointed and angry in varying degrees. The AMC manager offered to honor all tickets on the first weekend of the movie’s run – at a potential cost, I am sure, of much more than  $2,500. That theatre earned my business; I won’t be rushing to see any Disney movies any time soon and neither will my kids. 

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