‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ Gets a Role in Actual Video Game

Disney will effectively transfer the video game world into the movie world with their upcoming fall flick, Wreck-It-Ralph, which releases November 2, 2012. Wreck-It-Ralph is the story of the video game villain with the same name who has a change of heart, not wanting to be the bad guy anymore. His adventure ensues as he leaves his own game world and traves through other video games to find his identity.

Well our antihero, Wreck-It-Ralph, will now appear in an actual video game, as well, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Teaming with the iconic blue hedgehog, Sonic, Wreck-It-Ralph will have many of his own vehicles and signature personality moves to create a bulky but dangerous option for gamers to race. SEGA, the developing company of all Sonic games, recently stated their excitement to add Ralph to their cast:

Wreck-It Ralph will make a great addition to our stellar cast in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Disney has created a unique film experience that will appeal to gamers of all ages, and our video game collaboration will give fans the opportunity to interact with their character on the small screen as well.

Here’s a gameplay screenshot of Ralph racing away (courtesy Gamezone.com)

The game will be available a few weeks after the film debut, November 20, 2012 on the XBOX 360, PS3, Vita and 3DS platforms. Will you play it?


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