Report: Finding Nemo 2!

Many films are being re-released for 3D these days, Disney films included. One of those is Finding Nemo, which will three-dimensionally come to theaters September 14, 2012. But Pixar isn’t letting their highest -grossing movie to date just simply be remastered. Reports are stating the Disney is in fact creating a SEQUEL to the wildly popular oceanic story!

Andrew Stanton is currently tabbed as the Director for the film. He’s been with Pixar for close to two decades now, even though his most recent film was the epic John Carter. There aren’t many details for the sequel yet, and again, this is still just a report, versus a confirmed announcement. But I mean, c’mon…it’s Finding Nemo; I’m excited!

So what about you? Excited for another installment of Nemo? Hopefully Dory is back…


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  1. I think that it is a great idea.maybe they can even make a finding nemo 3and4 .i can’t wait to see it.and also I wish that they would bring back some of the old Disney movies and tv shows.and also did u know that most of the old movies and shows are way funnier than the ones they have now.i wish some people could actually see the reason that they should bring back the old tv shows and movies.

    1. Yeah’ your right they should bring back some of theold movies and tv shows.alsothey are funnier than the tv shows and movies we have now and people should actually realize that the old is some times better than the new.

  2. YES DO IT! DOOOOOOOOOOO IT PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! ๐Ÿ™‚ when iwas little i watched the original like 10 times plz do the second one!

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