Disney’s ‘Need for Speed’

Disney dabbles in the video game world, but rarely do we see them translate actual video games to the big screen. Yes, there’s the animated Wreck-It-Ralph, which is set in the video game world, but Disney will go to a different level for a recently announced future project: Need for Speed.

Dreamworks Studios purchased the rights to the project last month with the intention of bringing it to the big screen somewhat soon. The film is set to be released by Disney February 7, 2014, according the Deadline Hollywood, which is a very quick turn around for a film. They’ve already signed on brothers John (Real Steel) and George Gatins to develop the project, while Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) will be directing.

Need for Speed is the best-selling video game franchise that is based in building, customizing, and racing street cars. It’s not yet known if the film will be live-action or highly digitized. I think this has Fast & the Furious written all over it. What do you think?


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