Disney Sets a Record in Grossing $1B Domestically

This past weekend Disney set a new mark for earnings in a single year. At just 188 days into the calendar year, Disney has already grossed over $1 Billion domestically in the box office! The previous record pace was set in 2010, which, fueled by Toy Story 3, TRON:Legacy, and Alice in Wonderland, hit the mark in 210 days.

Now yes, over half of the $1B total comes from the revenue of The Avengers at over $611M, but many other Disney flicks have added to the purse, as well. Brave has already brought in $175M and the relaunch of Beauty and the Beast 3D raked $47.6M. Somehow in their totals, though, they count John Carter into the mix, even though the film was deemed a net loss for the studio. Regardless, though, 2012 has been a banner year for Disney Studios…

Now which upcoming Disney movie of 2012 are you most looking forward to?


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