‘Maleficent’ Begins Production

The highly anticipated live action retelling of the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty recently began production, Disney announced. Maleficent tells the story of Sleeping Beauty from a different perspective, casting Angelina Jolie has the antihero and evil queen Maleficent. The film will tell the story and circumstances that led to Maleficent placing a curse on the infant Princess Aurora, who becomes Sleeping Beauty.

There have been many retakes lately on Disney classics both on the big screen and on television. Maleficent follows this trend with a star studded cast that includes Elle Fanning (Super 8), Sharlto Copley (District 9), and Sam Riley (On the Road). Maleficent is slated to release in 3D March 14, 2014.

Here’s the first photo we’ve seen of Jolie in character as the evil queen:

You can also google search Jolie as Maleficent and see some production shots of her in full costume. But it begs the question…could they have cast someone better than Jolie to play Maleficent? What do you think?


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  1. I Wish her good luck, And Hope to see this soon. She will do an amazing job, just like allot of her other movies!

  2. i soo want to watch this angelina jolie is my fave and she is awesome on what she does in movies <3 shes going to make it happen 😀

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