‘TRON: Uprising’ Available on iTunes

The animated Disney XD show TRON: Uprising has been a huge hit so far the summer. And if you’re unfortunate enough to not get the Disney XD channel, fear not! You can now find the episodes of TRON: Uprising on iTunes!

Simply go to the iTunes Store and search for ‘TRON: Uprising’ and you can find the episodes available for either for free or download, all in HD. THis is a great way for non-cable subscribers to stay connected with not only the continuing story of TRON (which has been going on for 30 years now), but also with Disney as a whole! Hopefully in the future we’ll continue to see Disney shows available for free on iTunes.

Anyone else find any free and legal ways to watch your favorite Disney shows online?


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  1. Yeah right bought the first episode, but waiting till beck is old and grey for iTunes to put the next episode on.

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