Upcoming Marvel Villains and Rumors

So by now you’ve heard about this little movie called The Avengers. Quite frankly, it’s been taking up most of the headlines and writing time here at Disney Movies Guide. But like any good Marvel movie, there are some future revelations that were given at the end of the film. If you stayed through the credits, you got to experience two bonus scenes. The final one was a humorous thirty-seconds of silence, with all of the Avengers staring into space while eating at a blown up diner. But it’s the first bonus scene that provides our glimpse into the next Avengers film.

In case you haven’t seen the movie, SPOILERS ahead! Don’t read further if you haven’t seen The Avengers. Or if you haven’t yet but want to be lame and ruin the moment, keep on going. (Here’s a giant picture to give you one more chance to stop reading…)

Ok…in the scene we see The Other, the leader of the Chitauri army that Loki galvanizes, bowing before the same throne that we see at the start of the film. The Other proceeds to proclaim they were misled by Loki and that ‘to challenge the humans is to court death.’ Normally this would be a warning, but our hidden figure on throne turns around as the camera pans up to his head revealing his glowing eyes and smiling purple face. He welcomes the challenge, or as some have interpreted, he wants to court death (in the romantic sense). For those of you not familiar with Marvel comics, you’re now asking, ‘Well, who is he?’ He is none other than the death-obsessed demigod Thanos, the Mad Titan. He is an Eternal, a species originating on Saturn’s moon, Titan. And he’s a baaad dude.

Being extra-terrestrial, many thought that Thanos could be the next villain for the upcoming sequel, Thor 2. But recently Brit film magazine Empire asked Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios lead man, about the possibility of Thanos making his way into Thor 2. Feige stated that while Thanos will be reserved for a future Marvel film, ‘There will be a major new villain [in Thor 2]. A major, major new antagonist…’

So who will be the new opposition to Thor? We know that Mads Mikkelsen is in deep discussions with Marvel to play the villain, but we’re not sure of which character. However, some have speculated that Mikkelsen could perhaps play Skurge, yet another half Asgardian, half Frost Giant (like Loki). The would be an epic face off, Thor vs. Skurge. Rumors will continue to swirl until more details are released, but we do know a few things: Thanos will not be the villain in Thor 2 and the film is set to release late 2013.

Who would YOU want to see Thor battle in the next installment?


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