Disney XD Gets ‘The Jungle Book’

I think it’s the nostalgia of Disney that keeps even adults coming back to it. And they’ve triggered one of those nostalgic points again, but this time by bringing it to the next generation. Disney XD has acquired a new animated series: The Jungle Book!

The series will star all of the original characters, from Bagheera and Kaa to Mowgli and, of course, Baloo! The jungle crew will band together in their adventures to once again take on the evil Shere Khan.

The CEO of DQE Group, the company who sold the rights to the series, was excited about the move of the series, stating, ‘We are honoured that ‘The Jungle Book’ will soon be on Disney channels in USA. Mowgli and his friends have found their rightful home and we are confident that they will continue to enthrall audiences in their new CGI avatars.’

The Jungle Book on Disney XD will premiere June 11, 2012!


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  1. Baloo is stiff and not trying to shirk work and have fun, and Bagheera convinces Mowgli to try and get out of being responsible. The show is so backwards from the movie we grew up with.

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