EXCLUSIVE: A Dinner Inside Disneyland’s Prestigious ‘Club 33’!

There are certain times in life when you get to experience something so uniquely special that it marks you. Disney, maybe better than any other, is great at creating chances and moments for this to happen. But even within the magical world of Disney, there are a few things that are just set aside. Unique. Special. Secret. Exclusive. Perhaps the most exclusive of all those is Disneyland’s Club 33. Ever heard of it? If you’re like me, you’d say no. Up to 4pm last Thursday I’d never heard of Club 33. Living in Georgia, I’m not around Disneyland much like people who live in Cali. I think that’s part of its mystique, though, because all of the Cali folks in our group knew exactly what it was. It’s not just that they knew about it…they revered it. Of all the things to do in the world, getting in to Club 33 is one of the most exclusive. Or maybe a better way to say it is: ‘Club 33 is on your bucket list…even if you don’t know it.’

So what’s the big deal about this club? Walt Disney created a secret place in Disneyland for himself and the original 33 investors, hence the ‘Club 33‘. Since that time, the Club has grown to around 400 members from around the world. That may seem a lot less exclusive than the 33, but the aura and popularity of Disney has exponentially grown over the last 60 years. The only way to become a new member is if someone chooses not to renew their membership (which is rare), or if a current member dies. There’s a waiting list that’s so long you may never get the chance to join in your lifetime! It also cost a pretty penny to get in…

Oh, and the only way to actually get into the Club for dinner? You have to be with a member. One of the 400. And last Thursday I found out that a friend of mine happens to be one of them! But I didn’t want to be selfish and experience it myself…YOU were on my mind as I walked through those hidden doors. So here are some exclusive pictures from within Club 33 (they’re taken from my phone, so excuse the quality):

The only marker to designate ‘Club 33’. Sits next      Stylized design and formal dinnerware of ‘Club 33’
to the tucked away door behind some plants.

A shot of the large dining room inside ‘Club 33’,          Some of Walt’s collectibles from his safaris
filled with Walt Disney’s personal artifacts

The chocolate ganache desert…                           One of the side rooms stocked with bar
it’s ok to be jealous!                                                 and Disney’s personal piano

From the balcony. All of the peasants below!           And PROOF that I was there! (me on the right)
(haha, just playin…but you do feel
a little high and mighty up there)

It was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m glad I get to share it with you! For more info on ‘Club 33’, you can read through its website, www.disneylandclub33.com, but it’s hard to truly understand the magic and aura of the place without being there.


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