Disney/Pixar Films Return to Big Screen This Memorial Day

Missed the opportunity to see some of your favorite Disney/Pixar flicks on the big screen? Disney is offering you a second chance this Memorial Day weekend!

At AMC Theaters across the globe, Disney/Pixar is putting some of their most popular films back onto the big screen for this weekend only. Ratatouille, Up!, Wall-E, and Toy Story 3 will be available from May 25-May 28th. Don’t miss your opportunity to see them, as they’re only shown once each day in a rotating rhythm.

Tickets are only around $6, which feels like a steal these days, and with the film moviegoers will also get to see a classic Pixar short and a sneak peek into the upcoming film, Brave.

For more information, go to amctheatres.com/pixar.


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