Disney’s ‘Pair of Kings’ To Return

Disney XD’s smash comedy series, Pair of Kings, was granted another season, its third!

The show follows a pair of twin 16-year old boys in their unexpected journey on the throne of a small island. Well, it used to, at least. Mitchel Musso, the twin brother Brady, will be leaving the show. So to bring some excitement in his departure, Disney is bringing on Adam Hicks (pictured below), who will play Boz, the long lost brother of the twins. Or is it triplets, now?

To hype the new season Disney is launching a game based on the show on their Disney XD website called, Pyramid of Puzzles, on June 8th. Make sure to check out the game and the show, which airs June 18th at 8:30pm ET on Disney XD!


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