‘The Avengers’ Breaks Records!

It’s not often that we hear of a movie breaking box office records before it’s even been released in America. Yet Marvel’s The Avengers has done just that. Opening overseas, in 39 different countries, the film has already raked in a colossal $178.4M worldwide! In places like Mexico, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the UK the movie is now in at least the top three all-time opening weekends ever, and in many of them it’s the top grossing superhero flick of all-time.

Ready for the most amazing statistic of this incredible opening, though? There’s still 30% of the international market that’s yet to release! This doesn’t even count the release this weekend in the States, May 4.

And the accolades stretch into the critical spectrum, as well, with Rotten Tomatoes giving The Avengers a 97%, a huge mark for such a large film.

The point is: GO SEE IT! IMAX 3D, 3D, standard, whatever…just get to it!



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