‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Movie Poster

Next fall Disney will release Wreck-It Ralph, the CGI tale of a video game villain who desperately wants to become the hero. This family-friendly story features many stars voices including John C. Riley, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch.

Wreck-It Ralph will follow a character of the same name as he sneaks his way into a different game in hopes of earning a medal. His heroic hopes and valiant motives are dashed, though, when he releases a deadly enemy into the world that threatens the lives of every video game character in the arcade. I guess bad guys just have it in their blood or something.

The film doesn’t release until November 2, 2012, but Disney recently pushed the first movie poster for the film. Creatively using the nostalgia and history of video games, this retro-style poster shows our villainous hero. This is one I can’t wait for as it promises tons of laughs with an intriguing plot. Hopefully they’ll push a video game alongside the film!


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