A New Disney Channel Series

Rumor has it, as Adele would say, that Disney has picked up a new comedy pilot for the Disney Channel called, Bits & Pieces. The comedy is a creative play on the traditional family sitcoms of the TGIF heyday. The show will focus on ‘bits and pieces’ of the most hilarious moments in the central family’s life. Through a mix of comedy-filled sketches and skits, it looks like the laughs will keep on rolling. Only question is: will Bob Sagat be playing the dad? Will the Olsen Twins be in it? Haha, of early-90’s TV…

A brief synopsis of the show gives us a hint into the life of the main family:

According to the synopsis, the show will focus on a high school basketball coach named Pete who marries the school psychologist Jodie, expanding their family to four kids who are none too happy about the marriage. A series of comedic moments will follow as the children learn to adjust to their new lives.

So perhaps they’re taking the family sitcom nostalgia back to the 70’s, not the 90’s. Sounds a little Brady Bunch-ish. And while characters and casting have not yet been revealed, production begins this summer and Disney projects a 2013 launch of the series.


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