‘The Avengers’ Makeover the Monorail

With The Avengers release just a few weeks away, Disney is stepping up their hype of the film by giving a little makeover to one of Disney World’s iconic features.

This spring Disney World’s monorail will feature a new ‘skin’ and have an Avengers theme (pictured above)! In 2010 they re-themed the monorail for TRON to large popularity and success. The highly anticipated superhero film of this year is poised to bring home some big numbers at the box office. So if you’re at Disney World this spring, take part in one cool effect Disney’s adding for the film.

I wonder if Tony Stark designed anything ridiculous hidden within the monorail? I mean, I’m just sayin…that’d be awesome.

Which ‘Avenger’ are you most excited to see in the film?


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