John Carter A Costly Film for Disney

John Carter cost Disney nearly $300M to make, and now Disney is saying that they will incur a $200M writedown for the fim, according to In other words…John Carter has been a costly flop for Disney. While the reviews weren’t necessarily bad, or deserving of the ‘flop’ title (51% on, the current economy, season and public perception have cut the legs out from under the film’s run. Here’s more from the CNN response to Disney’s announcement:

However, the abject failure of John Carter is not likely to be forgotten in an industry where a single flop can wipe out a studio’s annual profits. Hopes were initially high for John Carter: Its director, Andrew Stanton, had made the critically lauded and commercially successful Finding Nemo and Wall-E.

But the director openly admitted to struggling with the transition from animated film-making to live action directing. Meanwhile, Burroughs’ source material, which inspired filmmakers such as James Cameron, has failed to energise young, male cinema goers, a crucial demographic for any big-budget action movie.

So while this single film is costing Disney to lose profit for this quarter, things look up for Disney with a big and promising summer upcoming. Even still, it’s hard to imagine such a big blockbuster from Disney would produce such mediocre results.

Did you see John Carter? What were your thoughts on the film?


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  1. I wanted to like it, but <> the film was hampered from a compelling narrative by confusing warring factions, the flashbacks within flashbacks, the lack of a strong character arc and a villain who seemed to be God-like.  I also had a problem telling one Martian from another and I didn’t quite understand who some Martians looked alien while others looked human. Stanton is a talented writer and director, I hope he gets another chance.

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