The Directors of ‘TRON: Uprising’ Give Insight

The upcoming installment of the TRON series will be in cartoon form: TRON: Uprising. We’ve highlighted the back story and backdrop of the new series, but the Directors, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (who are also the Writers), of the show recently gave a little insight into what we can expect. “The fun thing about animation is all the stuff we couldn’t afford in [‘Tron: Legacy’], either because they were financially or technologically prohibitive, we can now do because it’s animated,” Kitsis said.

The difference in this TRON from the previous titles is that there will be no humans who enter the ‘Grid’, the world where TRON takes place. The focus of characters and story will, rather, highlight the programs inside the Grid, its inhabitants. As a result, we can expect to see some cool new ‘toys’ within the Grid world, such as the Light Crawler (above), and the Light Rail, which according to Katsis is, “basically the coolest train you’ve ever seen — it goes upside down.”

We also get a sneak peak from the writing duo for one episode where a fight takes place on the roof of the Light Rail. Think old school Clint Eastwood in a Fifth Element type of world. I’d definitely feel lucky to be on that train…

TRON: Uprising is schedule to premiere later this year on Disney XD.


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