Disney’s Live-Action ‘Snow White’ Has It’s Star

Yet again Snow White will get a remake/makeover; this time, though, it’s from the hands of it’s creator. Disney will join in the recent trend of it’s classic with a live-action take called, Snow and the Seven. The star of the project, you ask? Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, the title character in the 2011 movie Hanna.

Ronan showed in Hanna that she can not only play a leading lady, but also one who can fight. This could come in handy with the synopsis of the project. The film takes place in 19th century China, with the “seven dwarves” being a group of international warriors from various countries. Led by Olivia Sinclair, the role Ronan will play, the group embarks on their journey to defeat an evil empress who has re-emerged in the land.

Since Snow White is getting remade so much, it begs the question: which other Disney film would you most want to see redone? My vote: Fantasia! That could be ridiculous on IMAX 3D.


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