Visit Disneyland…From Home? The Disneyland Explorer App!

‘There’s an app for that!’ This has become as normal a phrase as any over the past year or so. Everything has an app, and if it doesn’t, someone’s probably creating as you read this. Well Disney’s joined in the game yet again. With the ‘Disneyland Explorer’ app for the iPad, users can experience all the magic, sights and sounds of Disneyland without ever leaving your house!

The app features over 100 experience fromt he park, including images, interactive touch points and videos that allow you to explore the many features of Disneyland. There’s plenty more to the app, with the ability to create your own elements of the park. Needless to say, this little gadget allows you to experience the magic of Disney without having to travel to Cali.

And the best part? IT’S FREE! Just go to the App Store on iPad to download the ‘Disney Explorer’ today!


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