New ‘The Avengers’ Super Bowl Teaser

It’s Super Bowl Week! If you’re like me, this means a non-stop influx of football talk around the office, in the emails and on the radio. But for many folks, it’s just another game. However, this year’s game (Sunday, February 5th, NBC) will feature a new teaser trailer for a very anticipated Marvel movie: The Avengers!

But let’s say you’re one of the 12 people in the world who won’t be watching the game, what then? Well we’re all in luck, because the trailer has made its way to the internet before the game. So for your breif viewing pleasure (and I do mean brief…), here’s just enough of the Super Bowl teaser to whet your appetite for The Avengers:

Two things: thank you for Black Widow and that Hulk is scary…

So who do you have winning the Super Bowl?


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